Speed up!

Robo-service to speed up your landing page.

  • Better speed
  • Better SEO position
  • Better conversion

Why to speed up your site?

Previously, site loading speed was not given much attention,
but since 2019, the situation has changed dramatically.


According to research conducted by Google, every second of delay can lead to a conversion reduction of up to 20%.

Read more at web.dev


According to another study from Google, you can lose more than 50% of your visitors if your site loads slower than 3 seconds!

Read more at blog.google

Growth in search engines

Google has long sections dedicated to site loading speed. This indicates that site loading speed is very important for search engines.

Read more at googleblog.com

How to speed up your site?

We will analyze, optimize and create speed up copy of your site.


Image optimization

Convert images to modern webp format, but take into account the specifics of different browsers.


Styles optimization

Move the styles to the end of the page, but preform the critical styles.


Scripts optimization

Move scripts to the end of the page, but keep the output sequence.


Fonts optimization

Preload fonts, but select only important fonts.


Lazy loading

Delay loading hidden content and images.


Server settings

Correctly set caching times depending on file type.



The cost of analysis and optimization of one page is only 1 EUR.

Before payment you can test our service for free.

Free online demo

You can see in real time how fast your site can be.


We need more sites! We are sharply increasing the number of sites for testing the robot.

We are starting to test our robot on the first real web-sites.

Let's start developing a style optimization module. This is the last module before the real tests begin.


How to send a page to speed up?

Using our API, you can send a link to a page that needs to be speeded up. Our robot will scan the page, create an accelerated version of your page and provide a ZIP archive for downloading (HTML, IMAGES, CSS, JS, FONTS).

Files from the archive can be used as a cache version of the page.

What if the same page is sent twice to speed up?

When a request is received, each page and associated files are analyzed anew each time to ensure that all changes are taken into account.

We calculate payments not by page, but by request. Therefore, in this case, payment will be taken twice and will be only 2 EUR.

How long do ZIP archives with speeded up pages last?

ZIP archives are stored on our server for an hour. Therefore, you will have time to re-download if necessary.

Are pages speeded up for mobile devices?

For a long time now, more than 50% of traffic comes from mobile device users. Therefore, page speed up is done taking into account the specifics of this category of users.

What to do if the speeded up page looks different from the original?

Theoretically, this is possible, since the variations in the use of HTML and CSS are extremely large.

So if this happens, just let us know. We will update our robot for free so that it can correctly speed up such pages.

If I have any suggestions for improving the API?

We are well aware that different companies use different technologies on their websites. Therefore, we are always open to updating our API to fully meet your needs.

In this case, just contact us to discuss everything.

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